Enchanting Absurdity

Cathy Jane Hart and Paul Victor Currie are Vault Artist Studios members, of east Belfast.

This exhibition has been realised through a joint expression and appreciation, for the playfulness that embodies both artist’s work.

Cathy is a graduate, of St Martin’s College of Art, London. She is a visual artist, specialising in sculpture.

Cathy is exhibiting her absurd hybrid creatures.  Her work avoids facial features, instead using animal ears or horns, reminiscent of mythology and childhood memories of play. She combines mild steel and mixed media to accomplish her mischievous original creations. Her giraffes appear to be wearing high heels, which add to the frivolity of play.

Paul is a graduate of Ulster University, School of Art, Belfast. He is a professional stand-up comedian; a JIM HENSON Muppeteer; a self-taught painter; and puppet maker.

He is exhibiting here a selection of lockdown walks, and his surreal non gender character portraits. He paints in acrylic, using vibrant exuberant colours. His artwork is reminiscent of German expressionism, abstract art, Dada, and has elements of art brut, folk art, and Outsider art.