November 4th – 14th, 2021

A solo exhibition of bold and engaging new work by visual artist Cathy Hart. 

Combining mild steel and mixed media, Cathy makes  expressive creatures in the form of hybrids. She works intuitively through each step of the process by welding, wrapping newspaper, binding tape, sewing or covering the work with plaster. The focus is on transformation - bringing to life a form that evokes a playful conversation between the viewer and her work. Cathy eschews facial features, instead using animal ears and horns to reference mythology and evoke childhood nostalgia.

For this new body of work Cathy channels raw energy by stripping away materiality to expose the underlying framework of newspaper and masking
tape on some of her pieces. While some of the creatures are covered in fabric to conceal these elements, the revelation of the inner structure of the others enhances the overall expressive nature of her work. The resulting pieces not only have tactility but also a keen sense of mischief. Many of the creatures appear to be wearing “high heels” alluding to female form however each creature is androgynous and open to interpretation. 
Cathy chose the title Mosso to further accentuate these layers of ambiguity and tension. The term - normally used in Classical Music - means “moved” or “animated”, a fitting description as Cathy delights in creating otherworldly creatures in motion. These purposefully minimal forms are full of movement and energy: the tribes of creatures interact with one another in ways that are strange yet familiar, exuberant yet forlorn, mischievous yet awkward.  

For the evening of the launch, Cathy’s revellers were mirrored and complemented by talented dancer Emily McDonagh, who responded to the sculptures through improvised dance and evocative music: a medley of floor fillers and retro television themes evoked a sense of playfulness and further brought the sculptures to life.  

Dancer: Emily McDonagh @emily_mucker_donagh
Videographer: Neil Hainsworth